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CIVAN 25D Extractor

  • Extractor 12 Frame Motor
  • Extractor 12 Frame Motor
  • Extractor 12 Frame Motor
  • Extractor 12 Frame Motor
The CIVAN 25D. This extractor grows with your needs. It starts at 8 medium frames (radial)/4 deep (tangential) with a hand crank. It can be expanded to 12 medium (radial)/3 deep frames (tangential) with a new basket. An optional motor is available which will run either basket. Includes Plexi lids for quick setup. The motor attaches with no tools required.

This is a quality extractor at a great price. Heavy stainless steel. No extra dings. It comes with legs and a quality gate at no extra cost!

8M Basket Model


8M Basket + Motor


12M Basket Model


12M Basket + Motor

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