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Crazy Bees


There's never a dull moment with honey bees.

A new beekeeper found this under the hive and called for help. This was a team effort. What was going on?

There are probably several different answers beekeepers could give. And beekeepers like giving their opinions. Here's mine. The hive swarmed. When the new queen emerged, she went on her mating flight. When she came back the worker bees were so happy to see her they mobbed her and she couldn't find her way back into the hive and ended up under it.

Well it's not 'home' but the bees made it one. They started making comb. The queen started laying eggs. The nurse bees cared for the new brood. But it is not a long term solution for the bees or beekeeper. The queen was found and isolated. The comb was cut off and wired into frames. And a new hive was formed. Everyone in their happy place.

Oh, the funny things bees do.