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Wasp vs. Bee


During the late summer and into the fall we get a lot of calls, "I have bees in my house. Can you come get them?"
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Crazy Bees


There's never a dull moment with honey bees.Continue Reading

A Sting is No Joke


Bees are stinging insects. Most beekeepers don't get stung a lot. But if you keep bees you will get stung.Continue Reading

Esssential Oils - Myth or Fact?

honey bee essential oils
When I was an HVAC controls tech there were what we called 'tech myths.' Continue Reading

Knock, knock. Who's there?


Maybe someone can complete my bad joke. But tapping on the side of the hive might give a response.
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Organic Honey? Probably Not.


Is organic honey really organic? Probably not.
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